Food Photography Mentorship
Food Photography Mentorship
Shelly Waldman

Food Photography Mentorship

Build A Profitable Food Photography Business with a Supportive Community

Does running your business bring you as much joy as photographing food?

Imagine if you...
Had systems in place so that you didn't have to rethink your workflow or wonder if things were slipping through the cracks?

Understood your finances so that you could plan ahead and know you're making a living to sustain your lifestyle?

Were apart of a supported community who meets regularly to brainstorm, share, and bust through challenges?
Have a mentor who has photographed for ad agencies, magazines, in house corporate clients, pr agencies, microbrands as well as spent a decade in finance? 

"I appreciate the community aspect and your knowledge about commercial photography. Your willingness to share information combined with your ability to teach is a successful combination for growth!"  
Editorial + Commerical Photographer,
 Paulette Phlipot 

You no longer have to imagine it. Food Photography Mentorship is here to help guide you to solutions that work best for you and your business goals. 

The doors are OPEN til August 6th!

Pick a plan that works best for you.

Monthly Membership $49.99
Annual Membership $547

In the membership:

You will find a path forward, no matter where you are at on your food photography business journey. 

Pathway to Profit

There is always refining to be done to the foundational elements of our businesses. The business path is circular. As we make our way around we will be learning more, implementing new ideas and updating our goals, along with all other systems. 

Not only does the mentorship focus on the foundation of your business but we explore the craft of photography as well.  

Using this path we explore different concepts, ideas and areas of the creative process. 

Each month there is a topic we dive deeper into.

Topics Covered:

Goal Setting, Composition, Pitching, Lighting, Systems, Pricing, Portfolio, Social Media, Marketing, Client Management, Workflows and more.

Community of like-minded people

You will find support from others and a place to celebrate your wins.

The community is a safe and encouraging place to find support and share experiences. 

"My favourite thing is the weekly meetings. As soon as one is finished I am basically counting the days down to the next one. It is so incredibly useful to be able to ask questions about anything you’re stuck on or need help with. I find these meetings very energising and they really help keep me engaged and pushing on with my business. I love them!!"  

Photographer + Recipe Developer,
Nancy Harbord

Guest Speakers and Subject Matter Experts

There are subject matter experts and guest speakers brought in to share their experiences and knowledge.

Each talk is recorded and available for replay with search capabilities. So if you can't make a talk you can still have your question answered and find it quickly in the replay. 

When you join you'll have access to all the recordings from past guest speakers.

Business and Artist Mindset

We dive deeper into the artist’s mindset, bursting limiting beliefs, and overcoming the negative self-talk.

Every Monday there is a mindset post to get your week jumpstarted and thinking about your week ahead.

"I really really appreciate the format and the amount of knowledge that you have and share about commercial photography."

Commercial Photographer,
Brian Molyneaux


Solo Entrepreneurs need someone to check in with.

Every Friday we have accountability questions to answer. This way you can see the progress you are making week over week.  

 You will inspect the foundation of your business, build and refine your photography skills and be prepared to market your business, find clients, and build a profitable business. 


Who is the mentorship for?

The mentorship is targeted at food photographers and food bloggers who want to turn their passion into a paycheck. 

This is the place for you if you are at the beginning of building your business or have been doing photography for years.

Other photography disciplines can join but need to understand that the information provided comes from a food photography point of view. 

What's the difference between a course and a membership?

A course takes place over a period of time and is teaching people what to do and how to do it. Leaving you to implement on your own.

A membership is all about implementing, supporting and mastering the concepts. There is always support no matter where you are on your journey.

How is information is presented?

Every month we cover a topic from either the Business Success Path or the Creative Success path. 

There are articles, resources, workbooks and the member's favorite, live zoom calls.  

There are guest speakers that share their real world experiences as well as helpful information. All live sessions are recorded for those that can't attend. The best part of the recordings are they are searchable. Yes, you can type in your name, a keyword, or phrase and jump right to the spot in the session where we covered your question.  

All recordings are made available the moment you join. 

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes. If you are the annual plan your fee will be prorated. 

Understand that the rate you joined with will be locked in as long as you are a member in good standing. If you chose to cancel and come back, the price may not be the same.

I don't have a portfolio of work, should I join?

We all start from scratch. If you have the desire to grow, build a revenue stream through food photography then yes this is the time. You will have support while building your portfolio and learning the ways to build a business. You will have a community of those that have experience and a guide to help you on your journey. Plus, when gain access to all the information, guest speakers and past Q&A AND you lock in the price as long as you remain a member. 

How can I join?

The doors are OPEN til August 6th. 

You can choose between a Monthly Plan (*click below) or the Annual Plan.

The moment you join you'll gain access to all the materials, recordings and be able to RSVP for all upcoming events.

Not ready just yet?

Take the quiz to learn what methods of photography would be best for you to make money.


Have a question about Food Photography Mentorship?
Email [email protected]  

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